Fractal Explorer

This is a wonderful program. As you will see, (or may have already seen,) it creates a wide variety of fractals, with excellent color range. Its only limitation that I can see, is my own. It took me a long time to learn the many nuances of the program. I feel this is mostly due to the fact, that I could not read the help file. You see I can not read Russian. While all of the commands and menus are in English, the program's creators are Russian. So, the more technical explanations of the program's use and functions were written in their own language. I would like to stress, that the basic functions are easily learned, using an intuitive interface, and wonderful fractals can be created with little effort. That being said, the program has MANY little hidden nuances. It has a wider range of manipulation, than any other program I've used. This is not really a drawback at all. It has provided me with many, many hours of fun, exploration and creation. I highly recommend this freeware program.
It is available, here.

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Update, 12/11/2000
Fractal Explorer recently added an English version of their help file, so now you have no excuse...   ~;o}

Many of the images on this site appear exactly as the were created in Fractal Explorer, and the other programs... (except for the addition of copyright, and jpeg compression.) Some of the images were edited for brightness or contrast in PhotoImpact, while others had wholesale changes made to them. If you have any questions about specific images, don't hesitate to ask. (dwarvenkind loves to answer questions!) Use my Guest Book on the index page, or e-mail me here